The New

Nville Cliff 64

Nville’s latest Flagship model, introducing a 360° mesmerising RGB lighting, Hot-swappable and a 100% clear acrylic base with the topside frosted to keep the light shining away from your eyes!


Durable & mesmerising

⁃ Forged with thick and perdurable materials, The Nville Cliff is able to withstand hours of intense typing activities.

⁃ Rgb lighting shines throughout the base and sides of the keyboard. A wonderful addition to any desk setups.

Premium Keycaps

⁃ Nville Cliff’s superior PBT plastic keycaps offers a more textured feel.

-It is built to stay true in colour and does not develop a shine effect over time. Stiffer, durable and better.

65% compact acrylic keyboard

-Forged brilliantly for every minimalists, its compact, powerful and seamless.

-The Nville Cliff is built to maximise your work and play space without compromising any essential function keys. It offers the same key functions as any other keyboard by utilising combined key pressing technology.

Customer Reviews

Pretty stable keys with little to no rattle. Extremely addictive and satisfying to type on. The keyboard delivers a superb typing experience overall, making it perfect for gaming and day to day typing. The acrylic base is quite stable and I’m honestly quite impressed by the interchangeable rgb lights at the base. Definitely an everyday use for me. Highly recommended!

The keyboard itself is really nice and really well made. There’s way more RGB choices than I expected which is amazing. Overall the keyboard is amazing! 10/10

I use the keyboard mostly to play computer games and its pretty responsive. The blue switches and PBT keycaps really gives off a superb typing experience and I have to admit I am addicted to typing on this keyboard now!


How we started
Nville was founded by a group of passionate Singapore polytechnic students. Tang Hao Qing, Elliot Feng, Nigel Lian and Johansson Chew. Three capable entrepreneurs and one creative engineer who aim to penetrate the mechanical keyboard industry. At Nville, we simplify the buying process of a mechanical keyboard, by providing a variety of reliable high-quality products at an affordable price!
The idea came about when we found an opportunity to revolutionize the mechanical keyboard industry. This is achieved by forging unique and specialized keyboards that can be used for both work and gaming.

Acrylic cases
Like many other start-ups, Nville came about after someone said, “There has to be a better alternative!”
As most keyboards are made of plastic cases, they are not very durable, and they tend to break down easily. Thus, driven to provide a better alternative, we decided to integrate acrylic into our keyboards. This is not only much durable than conventional plastic cases, but the transparency of an acrylic case also allows RGB lights to shine through the case as well.

Revolutionize the mechanical keyboard industry by providing innovative products that continually break technological barriers.

To commodify mechanical keyboards usage.


Johansson Chew
Ceo / Head of R&D

Tang Hao Qing
CTO / Head of website development

Elliot Feng
COo / Head of marketing

Nigel Lian
CFO / Head of Engineering

Nicole Kiara
Head Of Customer Relations

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